Hello Friend’s I’m back with a new exciting post. In this post we talk about 5 best battle royal game in 2019. So lets know some details about Top 5 best battle royal game in 2019 for Mobile

5. Rules of Survival

Rules of survival is a one of the best battle royal game in 2019. It is Multiplayer Online Battle Royal Game. This game launched by NETEASE GAMES and its launch in October 2018. This game reached 230 Million installs in worldwide. That game available in both mode Fpp and tpp or also available in Solo , duo and Squard . they game 2 maps. Ghillie Island ( in Ghillie Island 120 players play at same time ) or the second map are Fearless Fiord ( in this map there are 300 players play at same time ) this game same as our favorite game PUBG Mobile. this game available in Ios, Android and Microsoft.
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4. Free Fire

It is a another popular game in battle royal mode. this game plays by 450 million users. In this game 50 players play at same time and every match finished in 10-minute. Its launched in 4 December 2017 and its Developed by 111dots Studio and Published by Garena and its also available in Android and ios Platform. Its only Available in Tpp Mode and also played Solo , duo and Squard matches.

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3. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a multiplayer Chinese battle royal game , It is also available in Video Games ,Mobiles ( android and ios ) and PC platforms . It is also developed by NetEase. its released on 26 April 2019 and It is a Cartoon type games or good graphic. In this game you are dropped on jet-fueled hover boards. its game have , fancy weapons such as microwave guns, weaponized vehicles, vertical climbing, parkour, gliding through the air using droids, building various structures for defense, detailed customization of characters all are cartoon type games .

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2. COD – Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game. Its franchise by Activision and Published by Same franchise. in 2003 this game was released on Video Games and Computer but this time its launched his mobile version. Which launched in 1st October 2019 and its one of the most popular battle royal game. Its total download is 10million+ this is an big Achievement for COD at some time that’s cross 10milion+ if you get more imagination about COD Mobile then Click here and read full details.

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game which is developed and published by PUBG Corporation . This game is based on 2000 Japanese film “PlayerUnknown”. It is officially released on mobile version ( Android and ios ) in September 2018.  Its have 400 million players in world wide when including the mobile version.

In this gam 100 players fight in a battle field, where players fight to remain the last alive. These game has added 2 mode tpp and fpp where Players can choose to enter the match and play as solo, duo, or Squard ( in squard added 4 players ) . The last person or team alive wins the match. In this game you can play on 4 maps , Erangle , Miramar , Vikendi and Sanokh. This is already available on PC , Video game and Mobile. If you not play PUBG then you Should just one time to play PUBG Mobile.

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So friend’s this Top 5 best battle royal game in 2019 for Mobile and also comment your favorite battle royal game and guys don’t forgot to share with your friends.