Hello friends I’m back with a new informative post for you and i know we all enjoys a new update of Season 9 in PUBG Mobile , and this post we know whats an major update PUBG Comes for us. as we know the PUBG Mobile beta version comes then we expect to 0.15 Global version may be come at the next month of 10th to 20th October should be released. As this time 0.15 update was an available for beta testing if all things right then launch for Global version. So Guys let’s go we know what an features come on 0.15 Global version. In this new update we will bring a good deal of new changes in coming update like – Payload Mode, New Map in TDM Mode,  Helicopter and BDMR 2 Vehicle  , Additional Updates.


So let’s know whats come on payload mode where will be played , Actually this Mode will be added in the Evo Ground category and will be known as payload mode . In this mode we will be play with 100 players dropping on Erangel Map. This mode is available only on Erangle Map. it will contain some the selective weapons, vehicles, In this Mode We Got M3E1 (rocket launcher), RPG-7 (short-hurtle explosive launcher), M79 (projectile launcher), and the MGL (explosive grenade launcher) , and if you know to we get RPG launcher in Zombie Mode to kills the Zombie , and the Grenade Launcher will be made available in two types: Pistol type and AR type. Both of the types of grenade launcher are dangerous as they are capable to continuously fire the grenades with the Aim point.

New Map in TDM Mode

Now lets time to talk our new TDM Map this name is Aztec Temple Map , At this time we have currently, one tdm map thats name is Warehouse . But you know the new TDM map is based on the Sanhok map and its will be comparatively bigger than the current warehouse map. In this new map, you will have different ways to kill your enemies, just like Counter-Strike, and also you will be able to pick the ammos and grenades in the every where of map or others places , but the current map we get ammos and grenades in one time. So this was an good for players and let’s see which one gets more popular after the update.

BRDM and Helicopter

If we are most waiting of those feature finally

comes in yes you are correctly right i talk for helicopter and BRDM Vehicle update now we will be get two new vehicles in the map , helicopter and BRDM 2. BRDM 2 has already been launched in PUBG PC and now it is time to launched in mobile version. you can get the BRDM 2 by firing the Flare Gun outside the safe zone. This vehicle has take very high damage and can take bear the damage double to the normal vehicles and also it can be used on both land and water , but there was an one disadvantage you can’t fire. but this was the most advantage is you cant get damaged in this vehicle. Talking about the Helicopter, i clear you there is no fix location in the map where the helicopters can be found, you can find them anywhere in the map, sit any fly. The helicopter can be the only hope for you if you are far away from the safe zone , but note this helicopter only find on PAYLOAD MODE , its not available in classic mode .

Additional Features 

Now we talk the two other major features of the Respawn Radio Tower and the Super Crates. Both of the things will be indicated on the map through Blue and Orange dot. First we talk the Super Crate it will provide you the good quality loot like Rocket Launcher, Ghillie Suit, AUG, Grenade Launcher, Level 3 gears and etc.

the Radio tower you can bring your dead teammate back. When your teammate dies, you will get two minutes in which you have to collect his ID card from his crate and have to take it to the tower and show it. By doing this, your friend will get respawn with a parachute and now you can start playing together again as normal. But this feature available only on PAYLOAD MODE its not available in Classic mode.

and may be i think canught site come in this update to help to fastest switch scope and kills the enemies and i guess may be fuel gas can blast come in the PUBG mobile , this feature already in PUBG PC.

So i hope you like this post and don’t forget to share with your friends and these are the updates which we are expected to release with the global of PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update in the next month.