So hello guys in this post good news for FPP lovers , because soon PUBG Mobile launch fpp training mode in Global version and some or features added so lets discuss.

FPP Training Mode ?

So friends first i tell you that what is the meaning of fpp because many persons don’t know Fpp meaning , Fpp means ( First Person Perspective ) this means you cannot see round corners, ledges or behind you with the camera like tpp, it is a limited perspective leading area to a different feel to combat and exploration. So Soon PUBG Mobile announce to added FPP training Mode in Global version , or may be its chances to add this feature in Arcade mode. At this time we play arcade matches in TPP Mode only so its may be possible in some time we will also play in fpp Mode , so this time to wait and watch when PUBG Mobile release Fpp mode. this is an huge and good advantage for fpp players, in this features fpp players practice better in training ground because we get only classic mode is available in fpp version so it is an good advantage for FPP Players to do some practice on Fpp Ground. This feature is already added in PUBG PC. PUBG Mobile Developer can’t care on Fpp Mobile version , because most of the PUBG player play TPP Mode Only thats why its not a big issue for PUBG Developers to care this.

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But at the end PUBG Mobile cares fpp players and announce to soon his added Fpp training mode or may be Arcade fpp matches in Global version. PUBG Mobile can’t announce specific date of Release but his announce soon we release FPP Mode in Global version. But Do you know Fpp is more skill level mode as compared to Tpp mode, but aim skills is important in both modes. You have to peak for enemy scan rather than
sitting behind the wall . meaning enemy you see also got equal opportunity to see you rather than no opportunity in Tpp, but in that case also you need good aim skill in fpp mode. Fpp is a more aggressive style than Tpp same reason because you have to come out from your comfort zone for the kill. in Fpp Camping or snaking now only foolish people
do snaking or camping in Fpp .

Additional features

Halloween Mode in the players will be able to pick up candles and pumpkins in the decorated Spawn Island. In this Halloween update may be same as previous year update where we killed through AKM and the players it kills into scarecrows. Or May be more chances to  0.15 update comes in Halloween in this year Halloween celebrate on 31st October 2019.

Bullet proof vehicle and helicopter

Its name is BRDM its conform that’s come in 0.15 update it is a flare drop vehicle. Or Previously I’ll say that helicopter in only available in payload mode only. if you get more information about both then we we will be also discuss about a specific post if you get more details about BRDM an helicopter then you will Click here and go next post.

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