So , Hello Friends I’m back with a new another post , so friends in this post we know full details about BRDM 2 and Helicopter update , So no more time wasting let’s go start it this post. So as we know the previous post soon the PUBG Mobile launch new mode and some features in the Next Month of 0.15 Global version update. So if you remind then we talk on previous post and talk about the BRDM and Helicopter so in this post we know all details of BRDM and Helicopter to what an role or where to use in this vehicle . after i start details first you checkout this video clip to have an idea to where you find the this vehicle.

BRDM Vehicle

So Guys after you watching video you know some get ideas to how you know BRDM Vehicle. Yup Guys at this time we can’t clear or sure to this vehicle is Autoswamp or Use flare gun to outside of playzone. But at this time we know this is one the most powerful vehicle in PUBG at this current time. This looking like a army tank and may be this BRDM Vehicle will replace the Bulletproof UAZ which we were getting in Flare drop. this vehicle is going to rock in PUBG Mobile New Update, because the BRDM is unbreakable type Vehicle. This BRDM Vehicle Can Run on the Road and the mountains and even on water. This is an help to break the Bridge camp and also going through water . Now lets talk to whats an speed and health or BRDM.

The BRDM total HP is 2,500, and its health is twice as much as UAZ. It is essentially gigantic with sturdy wheels that cannot be damaged. also, it is a powerful bulletproof vehicle that can reduce incoming damage from guns, grenades and Red zone. it can continue to travel from ground to water, but players are can not shoot while on board. The BRDM has top speed of water is 22kmph and the normal speed is 84Kmph or the top land speed on the road is 102kmph when boosted. It can carry four players. this is an some information about BRDM Vechile .


So friend’s as we know the helicopter is find only on special mode thats name is payload mode. you can find them anywhere in the map and sit an fly. The helicopter can be the only hope for you if you are far away from the safe zone , but note this helicopter only find on PAYLOAD MODE , its not available in classic mode . this is an big disadvantage for us because as you see the another games like Call of duty and Hopeless land in this game has we provide helicopter in classic modes. But if PUBG added Helicopter in classis mode then Harms the the PUBG Mobile Realistic gameplay. So friends I’m confuse what should pubg do can we get on classic mode or only on play load mode comments and say your thinking. Which mode we get Helicopter , so guys as we talk the speed of helicopter is 135kmph. As this helicopter find on payload mode and mark on the map of blue dots where we get the helicopter.

So guy here an some important details about helicopter and BRDM Vehicle , i hope you like this post then please share with your friends and guys remember says your thinking about helicopter which mode we get.