Hello Friends in this new post we know whats features comes in 0.15 Pubg mobile global version but first we try 0.15 beta version testing you should also play beta version we give you downloading link of 0.15 beta version and get conform releases date. So friends in previous Post we know whole features come in 0.15 PUBG Mobile global version. So guys if you dont know then i remember or clear you , payload mode and the new tdm map ( which based on Sanokh Map ) both are come on Evoground Mode.

Guys I’ll play 0.15 PUBG mobile Beta Version here’s i found a new button on Zombie mode survival till down 2 and may be darkest night and some another features like new weapon comes or explosive ammos and healings wave . and the Survival till down 2 its added new halloween theme as you can see on images.


Friends in this image you can see the new buttom on left side . This new button feature is we can use healing wave so guys healing wave is a type of protection which we protect by zombies at 5 sec here it is an simple use of healing wave. and we can also use on explosive ammo on these button. and guys you can see the zombies wear halloween mask and one another thing when we killed big Zombies then we get Halloween crate not normal carate and friends we get new RPD building in this update on survival till down 2. here it is an some information about 0.15 Pubg Mobile update and or here u can see Halloween tree or new Rpd Buildings in this images.



A new thing’s is clear to we play Payload mode is play in squard mode only like our Tdm matches yes we can not play solo or duo in Payload match we can play in only Squard matches. Or one more thing we play on only Tpp Mode its not come on fpp mode on this update , may be next update comes in fpp mode or solo or duo mode.

friends the new tdm match is we get sliding feature when you click on Crouch button then you get sliding feature . and its map is totally based on Sanhok map and its tdm place is based the Ruins place. If you get more details about new Tdm map then you go on our previous post where i can give full details.

Friends PUBG Mobile official introduce a new Gun first you can see this image.


The new gun name is DBS , it is a shotgun. You’re going to take some time loading it, It’s a pump-action weapon that’s going to fire two shots at a time like S686 shotgun , Players can load up to 14 rounds into the weapon its ammo capacity is higher then S12k , and its use 12 gauage Shotgun ammo. this Shotgun is also release on PUBG PC and as we can compare this shotgun at S12 , S185 and S686 we have these three shotguns. DBS is an Beast or powerful of an all these shotgun.

You can use on a holographic, red dot sight, 2x or a 6x scope on the top of it. Due it to being a close-range gun, the weapon’s range maxes out at 100 meters, it was an helpfull for the middle game or an game or the last stages of the final circle.

So friends one thing is clear thats new update is halloween update and its may be released between 16th October to 31st October , here is an confirm release dates when PUBG Mobile 0.15 Global version launch . so guys i hope you like this information and also share with your friends.


Adroid Beta link ( 0.15) – https://bit.ly/2NRgcR1

IOS Beta link ( 0.15 ) – https://bit.ly/2FsuJE4