Hello Friends I’m back again with a new post and in this post we talk about in call of duty. In this post we talk about the one of the powerful gun in Call of Duty that’s name is MSMC it is One of the Powerful Gun in COD.

What is MSMC ?

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MSMC is an Indian submachine gun its design in 2006. Its full name is Modern Sub Machine Carbine (MSMC).

Which is designed by the Armament Research and Development of DRDO and its manufactured by the Ordnance Factory Board Kanpur. Its take 5.56 caliber in real life .

In Call of Duty game this is a SMG gun and its looks likes UZI and its unlock in 28 level. It is a beast gun in close range its have good firing speed and lots of damage , its have high recoil . It has a small magazine size and poor reload speed. the weapon reloads in 2.06 seconds, and empty in 2.43 seconds. If we add Extended Mags and attachment, it decreases reload speed is 2.266 seconds, and empty in 2.673 second.

The MSMC deals with 40 units of damage, its takes 3 shot in kill up close and 6 at a distance. Your maximum range for 3 shots to kill is 12 meters and at a distance of 25 meters the damage will drop to a 4 shot kill, this is the highest range gun in SMG tier.

It gun comfortable with Laser Sight and Fast mag or extended Clip it is a very effective attachment for this gun and its boosting the decent hip fire performance. this weapon firing speed is very slow, it take 720 RPM, and rapid fire makes it 900 RPM, the weapon.

In my opinion it is a very deadly weapon in close quarters. I found myself killing opponents easily take down due to the damage and range of the this gun.


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  • Reflex Sight (unlocked weapon level 2)
  • Laser Sight (unlocked weapon level 3)
  • Suppressor (unlocked weapon level 4)
  • Fast Mag (unlocked weapon level 5)
  • EOTech Sight (unlocked weapon level 6)
  • Foregrip (unlocked weapon level 7)
  • Quickdraw Handle (unlocked weapon level 8)
  • FMJ (unlocked weapon level 9)
  • Long Barrel (unlocked weapon level 10)
  • Target Finder (unlocked weapon level 11)
  • Adjustable Stock (unlocked weapon level 12)
  • Extended Clip (unlocked weapon level 13)
  • Select Fire (unlocked weapon level 14)
  • Rapid Fire (unlocked weapon level 15)

If you have MSMC then avoid fight in long range with Assault Rifles ,Light Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles. If you have wish to fight then use on brust Mode.

So friends if you get more details about this gun then you Click here and watch this video and get more information and also if you get Download link of COD Mobile then Click here .