In this post guys i say you that’s  I’m very frustrated to hackers and these fraud cheaters , as we know the PUBG Mobile is a fun game and we enjoy a lot with our skills , but these cheaters ruin our game . as day by day the number of PUBG Mobile Hackers are increasing at this time its not a battle royal game it was a Hackers Royal game. If you see the video of G Guruji then you know the every single day we meet a hacker in our game.

They hackers spoiled or games by killed us and start abusing and trolling to each one , but we can’t do any things . as per day we report many hackers but PUBG developers can’t take action , i dont know why but theses was bad for us. The PUBG Developers have time to make a New Skin of Gun , Cars and Outfit , but can’t time to check report mails and remove hackers. As there you can check the Overall Standing of Asia here you can find 80% player are hacker but PUBG have no time to Check Overall Standing and remove them.

Everyone has hopeless with these hackers , as these have seen we can’t feel to play PUBG Mobile but Once time thinking why we leave PUBG for these Cheaters and Frauders. I humble request to PUBG Please Remove this Cheaters and we play a game with our Skills.