Hello friends I’m back again with a new post and this post I’ll very exciting to share a good news with you about the PUBG Mobile Erangle 2.0 Upcoming updates and Release date. So friends here i can get some leaks of ERANGLE 2.0. In this leak i get an a tweet image of PUBG Mobile Korean Account but first we talk about the whats features come on Erangle 2.0 Update.

Erangle 2.0 Upcoming update and release dateImage result for erangel 2.0 pubg


In the Erangle 2.0 Update If you can remember then PUBG Mobile share a video of teaser of Erangle 2.0 , the company will be making major changes in the overall changes in the visual design and look of PUBG Mobile in Erangle 2.0 . In this update we can observe a lot of changes in the map which is started with Yasnaya Polyana, Mylta Power , School and Prison. Added or more features such as mountains, fields, towns, small cities, rivers, beaches, and an ocean surrounding the entire of map both things are change in erangle 2.0. You can see how the open world is going to look like.

Buildings more detailing and there is a lot more happening at all the locations, along with improvements in shadows, and colours. In particular, the grass is also in the interest of the game developers. They will create high grass areas to make it a perfect hiding place for campers and snakes of PUBG Mobile , So friend’s now I’ll see some tweets of Erangle 2.0 here is an image thats tweet by Korean Account.

Erangle 2.0 Leaks

If you can see on tweet image then you get to talk about the most iconic map come with in few days . So friends we know Erangle is an our Iconic map of PUBG Mobile. you can see one more image an talk about the Erangle 2.0 of PUBG Mobile.

Erangle 2.0 Leaks

So friends here you Can see that Erangle 2.0 Comes on 0.16 Update on Mobile but hide the released date. So friends it is a clear thing we get Erangle 2.0 get in 0.16 update and one more thing this is a leak not a confirm date announce by PUBG Official. So we can sure that really comes in Erangle 2.0 Coming in 0.16 Update.

Erangle 0.15 Update

In upcoming 0.15 update we discuss about all things in 0. 15 update like get Payload Mode, helicopter , Gas can explosion, BRDM Tank and ledge grabbing . if you get more details specific details about 0.15 update then you Click here and check out all details about 0.15 Update of PUBG Mobile.

So friend’s here is an some information about ERANGLE 2.0 Map , i hope you like this post and don’t forget to share with your friends.