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No Copyright Background Music Download For youtube Video ( Gamexpro and G Guruji Background Music free download )

Hello Guys today we talk about background free music songs and how to use in your videos and disscus about our two favourite Youtuber and Gaming Content Creator G Guruji and Gamexpro . Friends do you know Gamexpro and G guruji they are which type of songs used in his background of videos . If no then not a problem we will tell you full details now let’s get start it Guys mainly there are two types of songs One copyrighted and second non copyrighted songs and today this post we tell you which songs is best for use to your video and how used it .

So Guys First we talk about Gamexpro so guys if you see regular video of Gamexpro then you know Gamexpro use most of the one song used in background thats songs name is The Wolf and the Moon , there or many songs used Gamexpro on his videos today we know some songs of gamexpro used in his background of videos and which type of songs used so guys firstly I clear you Gamexpro used copyrighted songs on his videos .

The wolf and the moon Song is an Copyrighted by Brunuhville , he is an singer of this song . Brunuhville have many songs but this was an one of the favorite song of Gamexpro to use in his all videos. this is a copyrighted song if you use full songs on your video then you got copyright strike but every user have permission to use 10 percent Copyrighted song on his videos if you use 10 percent then you got only claim no strike it’s safe, Gamexpro use or many song of Brunuhville on his videos of background. we provide some of the song list of Brunuhville you can Download it. )

Gamexpro Background Song Menu :

1) The Wolf and the Moon ( Copyrighted song ) – (Click here to Check Download )

2 ) Song of the north ( Non Copyright ) – ( Click here to download )

3 ) Lumina (Non Copyright ) – ( Click here to download )

4 ) Northwind ( No Copyright ) – ( Click here to download )

5 ) Infraction ( No Copyright music ) – Downloading link

6 ) Cinematric Documentary ( No Copyright music ) – Download link 

7 ) Epic Powerfull Dubstep ( No Copyright music ) – Download link 

8 ) Cinematic Inspirational Orchestral ( No Copyright music ) – Download link 

9 ) Epic Inspirational ( No Copyright music ) – Download link

10 ) Epic Cinematic ( No Copyright music ) – Download link 

11 ) Art of silence ( No Copyright music ) – Download link 

12 ) Cinematic and Thriller ( No copyright music ) – Download link 

13 ) Cinematic and Emotional ( No copyright music ) – Download link 

14 ) Epic Cinematic background ( No copyright ) – Download link

This all songs used by Gamexpro.

So Guys now we talk about our another favourite Youtuber or gaming content crearor G Guruji , So guys If u see regular video of G guruji  then you Know he is used daily many another type of background songs used in his videos, G Guruji Used No Copyright Song used in his videos. and mainly G guruji used two company songs Neffex and NCS . Neffex and NCS is type of Music Company which provide you copyrighted free songs to use in your videos. Its full song used without any strike or claim in your videos. Such as many big youtubers used this type of songs on his video. so guys now we talk about some of the Favorite Songs of G guruji which songs used most in her gameplay of background videos here is the some list of Non Copyright songs.

G Guru ji background songs menu

1 ) Grateful ( No Copyright ) – Click here to download 

2 ) Never Give up (No Copyright ) – Click here to download

3 ) Tule – Fearless ( No Copyright ) – Click here to download

4 ) light it up ( No Copyright ) –  Click here to download

5 ) Mortals (No Copyright ) –  Click here to download

6 ) Debris & Jonth ( no copyright ) – Click here to download

7 ) Syn Cole ( no copyright ) – Click here to download

8 ) Whales and GGnoaa ( no copyright ) – Click here to download

9 ) Raven & Keryn ( No copyright ) – Click here to download

10 ) Fight back ( No copyright ) – Click here to download

11 ) Its just not fair ( No copyright ) – Click here to download

so friend’s here is the some background songs which used by G guruji and Gamexpro and or many big youtubers used this songs on his videos to make yours video cools and attractive you also get try this types of background songs on your videos. Firstly I already inform you if your wish to add copyrighted songs like gamexpro to add only 10 percent song used in your video it was safe for your content and if your wish used non copyrighted songs like G guruji then u feel free to use full songs used in your video without any problem. Guys mostly G Guru ji use Non Copyrights songs on his videos . i hope this post an informative for you to know what’s is the difference between Non copyright and copyrighted songs and how they used it.

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